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Winter Road Information

When THE WINTER SEASON is upon us there are some things to remember


This is against the law. Section 5.6 SUMP PUMPS of the Township Code "It shall be unlawful for any person, whether as owner, tenant, lessee, or occupant, to cause to be discharged upon any public road, right of way or public property or into sanitary sewers, waters from a sump pump or other such similar mechanical device.  The discharge of such waters from a sump pump or other similar mechanical device is hereby declared to be public nuisance and in violation hereof."
If a resident is found to be discharging sump pumps to the road they are subject to a summons from the Township.

DO NOT SHOVEL YOUR DRIVEWAY SNOW INTO THE ROADWAY.  This causes dangerous and slippery situations.

  • Try to keep the storm drains and drainage ditches clear so that any snowmelt will have a place to drain to.
  • Remember the hills are slick, so give cars a chance when they are going up or down hills.
  • If there is a sand barrel by your house please keep it clear so that others may use the salt/sand to get up the hills.
  • If the sand barrel by your house is getting empty call Chuck Carbone 208-1786 or email at and let me know and I will contact the township.
  • Remember the Association does not pay for the plowing or sanding of the roads.  They are plowed through the Township of West Milford.
  • DO NOT HARASS THE snow plow drivers.